Thursday, March 09, 2006

That's right kids, don't forget to floss. So there's a story behind this sketch. I was looking for more freelance work and I found this guy on, which is without a doubt most reputable source of freelance opportunities in the universe. Anyways, I met up with the guy, and he turns out to be this kinda weird, sensitive Oprah guy. Well turns out he is the amazing inventor of the the smiley tooth dental floss container. His claim to fame is reinventing the dental floss dispenser. Whoopty freaking doo, to add to this he had made a video for Oprah asking her to fund his smiley tooth campaign and yadda yadda. This guy was a piece of work, but I figured if he was going to pay me well, who cares who he is. So he explains smiley tooth to me, and says he wants to go to the nation dental association convention and present his new "invention" to the dental community, and he wanted me to help create a special hand out brochure he could give to people. The handout would have drawings of smiley and he'd be giving sound oral care advice, like brush up, or don't forget to floss, and all the junk, I of course would be providing the drawings of ole smiley. So everything was going pretty good at that point, then he told me that he previously had drawings of smiley tooth done by someone else, but what he wanted was to see my version of him. So I told him I'd do some sketches and come at him with a price for the whole project and go from there.

So couple days go by and here I was this morning, with three pages of rough sketches and a price in my head. The morning went bad from the beginning. I got there at around 8:45-8:50 and the meeting was at 9. I figured oh well no biggy, I'll just knock and be early. Well if takes him 20 minutes to finally get to the door and then he gives me some crap about he wasn't expecting me till 9 and I should show up when asked and blah blah blah. So ok fine, I was early, I show him the drawings and wait for his answer. Well turns out they weren't what he was looking for. I didn't draw smiley tooth I drew another tooth. Well yeah, idiot, you told me to draw my own versions of this character, and here they are. What really got me pissed was instead of just saying that he really wanted the tooth to look like the one on the box, he give me the run around the bush with some other crap about my drawings being a cousin or something. Come on man, be professional, if you wanted the drawings to be of the tooth on the box, you tell me that from the beginning, don't tell me to draw my version, cause that's what I'm going to do.

Well by this time I just wanted out of there, so I told him that my stlye was compatible and I wasn't up to the challenge. I could have just draw the tooth on the box if he had told me in the first place, but by now I was fed up with this guy. So I said no, and went on my way. And it felt good. You know sometimes you think you're desperate and you'll take any gig that comes your way, but it feels good when you have some pride in yourself and say no, to a crappy job.

And don't forget to floss.


Blogger EKG! said...

"Just Say No!" tell 'em bill. feels great to stand on your own two feet and tell someone off. no BS politics, just you telling them whats on your mind. and yeah, don't forget to floss brotha.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Impy said...

O Billiam, I know just what you mean, I know just how you feel! People are so stupid. I'm glad you commented on my blog! I didn't want to get one either but I was posting on deviant art hoping to get feedback from you guys (ppl from Kaman's). This way, I dont' get lost in the crowd and it's more direct. I think you're a totally awesome cartoonist and I can't believe you care enough to comment on my stuff! I thought you'd only bother to comment on the really cool drawings like from Mez and Brian and Wattana - those guys. Thanks so much! ^_____^ *hug*

6:08 PM  

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