Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marker Stuff

I got the markers I'm going to help sell at the Anime Expo convention annnnnd they're pretty cool. They remind me of copix pens but these don't look they their designed to be refilled...
I'm assuming. Anyways their called "touch" and the come with chiseled tips, a fine tip, or a brush tip. Here's some various doodles I've done with them.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer means money...kinda

Well it looks like Summer's finally here, evne though we haven't really started Summer Hours yet or are making usual summer numbers, but its hasn't been too slow at Universal. If anyone is going to be at Anime Expo here in LA, I'll be working at the Shinhan International booth. They're a Korean Art supply company and I've been hired to do art demonstrations with their products. Should be fun, so stop buy and say hi if you're there. Anyway here are some more Caricatures.

These people we're terrific, nothing makes a long 11 hour slow day at City Walk worth it, than having people laugh as much as these guys did.

This Lady was a nothing but fun to draw.

This Kid didn't really need a caricature to look funny.

Went a little looser on this one. Glad they liked it.

More sketches coming!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Work time is Fun time

So fun it up!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Work Sketches on day before Universal Fire.

Universal Was on fire yesterday (6-1-08) and boy was I glad to be out of town. Here are some of the sketches from the Saturday before.

I started out with a drawing of Sam, and then realized that I could draw Rob's face from the negative space, and then I added Aaramando and myself for good measure.

Sam had me draw a picture of his friend. That's how you get the ladies, introduce them to your friends that will draw funny pictures of them.

These customers were great. They loved their picture, even though I slightly screwed up drawing the guys head.

I think this girl got mad because a lot of people were crowding around laughing at her picture.