Monday, August 18, 2008

New Job time

Man I have to get on this blog some more. Well I have some cool news for anyone that reads this for latest Bill news. Today I'm starting fulltime at my new Job. For that last couple of weeks I've been working part time at Lowry Digital doing digital cleanup work on films, and now I'm there full time. Hooyah!! This is really an ideal situation for Karen and I right now, the job means a more steady income than what I was making at Universal, and since I'll be working nights shifts, we won't have to worry about paying for child care once the baby shows up. Talk about a lot of stress off our shoulders. I'm hoping that I can try a theory about working jobs that aren't art jobs. It was Bobby Chiu that said he'd rather have a regular job than a bad art job, and my last fulltime job was definately a bad art job. I'm hoping to begin work on some personal projects now. One of witch is a strip Karen and I are currently working on about our experience being pregant. So things are looking up, and Karen and I are plugging along and doing quite well.

Also if you want more than just everyblue moon updates I'm on twitter now ( under Billdrastal and I'm a twitter whore. I'm posting something up way to often. And please go check out Karen's webcomic "Goodtimes" if you haven't already. It updates every Monday and Friday and where getting more and more readers. So go check it out at