Wednesday, November 08, 2006


"Hello True Believers"- Stan Lee

Well even though it looks like there's a bit of a lull in character design jobs , I found postings on Nickelodeon's job website for storyboard positions. Lately I've been hesitant to even look into the positions, because although I can do storyboards, A: I don't have a portfolio, and B: I don't have any samples to even put in said portfolio. Buuuuut I was feeling good after the illustration test, so I decided to work on some boards and APPLY for those positions. It was fun, and stressfull. For instance I found quickly that I am very used to drawing on large surfaces, and had difficulty switching to drawing in the tiny little itty bity storyboard boxes. But I managed, and after slowing my pace down and really putting some work into the sketches, I think they came out pretty good. So in a week I got three boards done, not bad I think. One is of a scene from the movie "The Man Who Knew to Little". It's a small scene, and I chose it because I've never scene the movie. ( I know I know, I'm lame) And I just recently ,after finishing the boards, found out that its a Bill Murray movie. But it was a challenge to follow the script that I downloaded, and that was good, because I really wanted to challenge myself. The other two is a small fight scene I boarded off the top of my head, and the third is the now official storyboard for the "Nerd" animation project Karen and I are in the stages of finishing. (stay tuned it will get done, I swear!!!) Well I turned them into Nickelodeon on Tuesday, it was either that or vote, and ...ehh.... Today I dropped them off at Cartoon Network. Its a little more stressful to have turned in my portfolio now, because now, they actually have positions open that I'm actually appling for!!! So wish me luck!! I posted some pages from some of them here. Hopefully they're big enough to see. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saints Day!!!

Its the day after halloween!!! In my opinion its just as good as halloween, because now I get to look at all of the left over halloween candy just waiting to be consumed. Anyways, so I didn't get the illustrator job, BOO, I got a nice fat rejection e-mail later that day, I think a few hours just after posting my blog entry about it. Doh, thing that sucks is, I don't really know what it was about my test entries that disqualified me. But that's okay, because it means I'm free to find an even better job!!! Those losers don't know what they missed, unless they're actually reading this, than they're not losers, only poor souls that didn't hire me. So I'll keep looking and keep sending my resume and portfolio out there, because there's gotta be something out there for me.

Anyways, here are a bunch of halloweenish drawings.