Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've been working at Universal Studios Doing charicatures for the past month, and this is what happens when boredome sets in. Cool thing, is that I can do things like this when I'm bored. At Seaworld I felt like some sort of criminal when ever I would just sit down at my easle and doodle mindlessly. Now during the slow parts, I just draw and draw and draw...or I sit and clean out my stupid air brush. I'm also working on a short, and byshort, I mean SHORT. Its a 20 second animation based off a 15minute comic I did. I posted some of the still frames I made for it, because I think they're damn funny.

But if you want to see the whole thing you'll have to go check out our NEW WEBSITE!!!! That's right Karen and I finally got our website 10, up and running. There's not much availiable to look at right now, but we plan on having our artwork posted up there, as well as animated shorts we work on, plus Karen is going to post a weekly comic strip she does that's really funny. So go check our website out, so that we can feel special as we watch our site counter go up a few notches.

and have a
Good day.

Monday, August 14, 2006

John K has become Darth Vader

Okay since when are there rules to cartoons? Isn't that what makes cartoons awesome and wonderful? They have no rules, no boundaries, and therefore they can be anything. I couldn't get over John K's post about what a cartoon is
Why do cartoons need to be catagorized, labeled, filed away, and given boundaries? I love how he states that
"I figure it's my duty to remind everyone of what cartoons are and to come up with some defining characteristics"
Wow thank god John K has been sent from the heavens to save us from non cartooniness. I keep going to read his posts, and all I get from them is
1) He's John K
2) He made Ren and Stimpy
3) You better make cartoons to his standards or you suck.
This line I feel says it best.

" All real cartoonists think the butt is the funniest part of the anatomy and tend to do an inordinate amount of butt poking and crack exposure in their cartoons. If you are ashamed of buttcracks, you are probably ashamed to be drawing cartoons and shame on you for doing it."

So if I want to be a real Cartoonist I need to make sure I have tons of butt drawings in my sketchbook. You are not a cartoonist unless you draw butts. Plain and simple.

So why has John K become Darth Vader? He's become everything he hates. John K isn't a good artist because he followed rules, he's a good artist because he did things his way, he took a style of art and made it his own, and he didn't let anyone say anything to him about nothing. He shoved his passion for rear ends, and hillarious cartoons into the faces of exces and got away with it. So why now is he shoving his "rules" of being a cartoonist down the throats of everyone else? Why must he attack everyone elses attempts at funny cartoons? Why has he dubed himself the high know all of know all about cartoons?

John K has become Darth Vader, because he forgot how he got to where he is. Which is sad, because he's a really good artist, and I like a lot of his stuff. But I think the sadder part of all this is that there are artists out there that idolize him so much and he's pushing his rules on them with out telling them to just think for themselves. Funny cartoons come from having fun while you draw. It really makes a difference when you pick up that pen and just draw freely and let the ideas come out. But when you feel confined by rules you no longer have fun drawing.

And I'll probably receive tons of Hate mail for disagreeing with John K.

Oh well.