Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Its Time For Life Drawing!!!

Once again its wednsday, and I went to life drawing. John Munson is at the class, I'm sure most people who actually read my blog, know who John Munson is, but for those that don't, he was an artist at Sea World, who I guess from what I've heard, was one of the worst. Anyways, we had an interesting coversation about being an artist, and going to school, and what you actually learn. I like to think that no matter if you go to school or not, you have two things to learn as an artist. First you learn the craft, and then you learn how to be an artist. Your education in both is never over, and it doesn't matter which one you start with either, but you have to learn a bit of both, I feel, to be an artist. (note I didn't say good artist). He told me about His experience with Jeff What's? school and how Jeff is being offered jobs, because he's really good. I'm sure I toatlly missed his point, but I feel that if you worry too much about being good enough to be offered jobs, then you're not going anywhere with your art. If you sit an try to learn everything you can about art and never experience life and never have anything to put into your art, than your art is bland and doesn;t mean anything. I may be going on a huge rant, but seriously, if all you can think out in your life is just getting up, drawing all day, going back to sleep, portfolio this and sketch nights that, and how you are going to get "better" you miss out on life, and its life that give art and meaning. You want to find a balance, on that's comfortable for you, and none else. To many times I see really awesome artists not doing anything, because they think their portfolio isn't good, or they need to still work on something. That's all good, but put your work out there, and go and live life. What's the point of being an artist, when you're so engrossed in your art, that you never enjoy?

Well anyways, here are some of my favorite sketchs from today's class.


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