Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some work doodles.

No rant or anything today, just some drawings I did while bored at work. This weekend though I'm getting a well deserved vacation in Laughlin NEV with the Missus courtessy of a 4 hour caricature gig I'm working at a casino there. Not a bad deal, I get my room and food comped for two days, and I get paid 400 bucks for sitting around and making fun of people for 4 hrs. I'll try to take some pictures and post them up here when I get back.
I saw this guy in the park and decided to sketch him in a more quasi realistic fashion, ("quasi" because I can't get out of drawing things cartoony) but I didn't like his hand and arm so I redrew it diembodied off to the side. I liked the way he looked, so I decided to try and design a character off of him.

I was feeling especially in Love today. Good feeling.


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