Monday, October 02, 2006

Attempts to broaden my stuff

So I'm tring to draw more video game stuff, or more "realistic" stuff I guess. And of course they end up being cartoony, except the dragon, its the least cartoony, but its still cartoony. Anyways, I think about all the game art of some videos games I like and all there artwork is either very animeish, or cartoony, or even comic like. Since when did anime and comic styles become realistic? Their just as much of a caricature of real life as Elmer Fudd is. So I say screw realism, I'll just apply what I know to different subject matter.

Of course in the end you're always going to have to cater to the studio's style, but here's a question, does being able to draw things relaistic make you a "better" atrist? I like to think no, but then again I could be making an excuse for me to not draw realistically. But think about it. There's skill in doing a phot realistic painting or draiwng, a hell of alot of skill and dedication, but is it any less skill or dedication needed to draw really great cartoons, or comics? I think thy're just different parts of the same skill, that is drawing. I mean whether or not you're draiwng superman, mickey mouse, or painting the naked modelm you still need to know and understand, anatomy, proportion, perpspective etc. I mean I know that if I sat down and really applied myself, and learned some of the techniques, I could draw a decent realistic drawing, and after time, it would be a very good drawing. But I can't do it as fast as I draw cartoons because I DRAW CARTOONS ALL THE TIME!!! But I could, because I know enough about the basics that I could do it.

So I guess I may just be bitching, I mean if I'm applyong to a job that wants more realistic looking subject matter, and I show them cartoons and say "hey hire me, I didn't show you anything of what you wanted, but I can, just trust me" that would be plain dumb, and stupid of me. But I think what I need to learn is to not criticize myself for not drawing realistic, I love to draw cartoony things, even if its just a little bit of cartooniness. I think when you simplify and exaggerate, it brings more life to things. If you want a realistic image, than take a photo, or hire someone else. I'm a cartoonist damn it!!!!


Blogger Karen the Barbarian said...

I totally agree. I don't think you're making excuses about not being able to draw's just an avenue you didn't go down. Some people are going to want realistic, and some will want cartoony..they're two different jobs! It's two different avenues of the same genre is all. It's as silly as beating yourself up for not doing photography...both of those are art...but you're not required to do both and one is not better than the other. Do what you love Bill.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Karen the Barbarian said...

Hoooray! Now you can comment on my blog!

3:16 PM  
Blogger BrianMORANTE said...

I stopped chasing styles a while ago and just draw whatever I want. I had a good lesson in that character design gig I had. I was excited to get a job but miserable doing it because it wasnt anything I REALLY wanted to be drawing. Stick with what you know and get good at it and people will find you. Also look at doug TenNapels video ame stuff. He's a good example of just sticking with what he can do and making it work .

5:11 PM  
Blogger Robert Hume said...

Cool stuff man, looking good!

2:23 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

I am at the point now where I'm just gonna draw whatever I want too. I hope that if I continue to draw and try new styles then I will be able to adapt to whatever style a director wants me to draw.

5:37 PM  

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