Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taking the test!!!

So huge update on my blog. Last wednsday I was in for a job interview with Pin USA. They design and make comemorative pins for Disney, Hard Rock Cafe and other clients. Well I suppose the interview went well because I was given an illustration test. So all last week I was busy working on this test while still going to work, and making a trip to Knotts Scarey Farm( whoo hoo ). I finished the test monday night and just turned it in Tuesday, one day before the due date of The test was fun, I had to design three pins for different events, a Hard Rock one for St. Patricks Day, a Mickey one for Spring break, and a Sticth (Ala Lilo and Stitch) pin for Valentines Day. The challenge was to draw in the styles I was given. It was difficult because I would have loved to redraw the characters in my own style. I found the Hard Rock one too be pretty simplethough, and for a strange reason Mickey was the hardest. I dunno, maybe I was stressing myself out, and tring to make it too perfect. Well since I had to give up my final drawings for the test I decided to post all my sketches and practice attempts here.

So now I play the waiting game. And I hate the waiting game, all my imagination does for me is create a ton of what if situations. All in all I'm just happy to have gotten the test. To me in means that I had enough skills shown in my portfolio, that they wanted to see what else I can do. Hopefully I did. Wish me luck!!!

Here are the final design sketches


Blogger Clinton said...

How did the test go, Bill? Do they send you these tests? Could you post the tests? Or it is some kind of confidentially involved? Oh look, four questions.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! said...

Well I got the test after I had an interview for the position, so I think you have to apply brfore getting a test. All the test was just what I have listed in the blog post, I basically had to design three pins. There wasn't any confidentiality agreement, but I turned all the test stuff in with my submissions.

7:24 PM  

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